Southwestern REACT ​of San Diego County Inc.

Giro Di San Diego      ​

  • Purpose: To track cyclists along 4 overlapping courses ranging from 20 to 95 miles in length and to support communication between the rest stops/aid stations and the race coordinator, monitor for accidents, render aid as needed, notify bike support vehicles of the need to transport tired riders or to assist with repairs.  

  • Duties: Team members are primarily assigned to aid stations so will be at fixed locations.  There will be a “shadow” or team member assigned to the race director, co-located with the Start/Finish.  Prior challenges have included lack of repeater coverage along the east grade of Palomar Mountain as well as most of Mesa Grande.  Cyclists on the long route face challenging elevation climbs, high temperatures, and potential dehydration.  Rover units carry additional water to assist cyclists on the course and notify EMS, sag support and net control as needed.    

  • Time commitment: 0715-1330 (6.25 hours) but can vary depending on location and aid station as some close down early while others are open most of the day.  “Rover units” will shadow cyclists throughout the 95 mile course and will drive up to 120 miles and put in an 11 hour day.  Tracking stragglers may require additional time.

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  • Location:  Start/Finish is at  Ryan Park in Escondido.  The  course stretches from Lake Wohlford, north through Valley Center to Hwy 76 and then east up to Mt. Palomar.  From the top, the descent is down the east grade and circles around Mesa Grande back to Hwy 76 near Santa Ysabel.  The course heads west up Cole Grade Road to Valley Center Road and then back to Ryan Park.

  • Equipment Requirements: Event IS NOT HT friendly. Due to the length and terrain of the course, a full power mobile radio is recommended. Operators should be prepared to be close to busy, narrow roadways and have appropriate PPE (high-visibility safety vest and vehicle warning lights.)

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