Southwestern REACT ​of San Diego County Inc.

San Diego Triathlon Classic

  • ​​Purpose:  To ensure a safe event by monitoring course conditions, reporting accidents, rendering aid as needed, and tracking the progress of the triathletes while providing updates to the race coordinator.

  • Duties:  Team members are assigned a location along the cycling course that extends from Liberty Station to Point Loma and back.  Team members watch for accidents, mechanical failures, fatigued or disabled athletes, and any safety concerns that might arise in order to advise the race coordinator, paramedics, traffic control, etc.  Team members track the last participant along the course segments in order to determine when sections of the closed-off streets may be re-opened.  

  • Time Commitment: 0600 - 1300 (approx. 7 hours)

  • Click on green button to volunteer via email.   

  • Location:  Briefing at Liberty Station in San Diego with assignments along Scott St., Canon St., Catalina Blvd., and Harbor Blvd.

  • Equipment Requirements: Event is HT friendly (based on assigned location) but a mobile radio is recommended.

  • Event Website: