Southwestern REACT ​of San Diego County Inc.

Lakeside Western Days Parade

  • Purpose: This small town parade has been in existence for over 50 years and is a well-attended local event.  To assist parade organizers, REACT provides a communications network that links the different announcer stations to the parade coordinator.

  • Duties:  Team members are assigned to shadow a particular announcer station of the many that are spread throughout the approx. 1.5 mile course.  Team members update the announcers on last minute changes in the line up of parade entries, dropouts, last minute additions, etc.  Team members also update the parade coordinator on any unexpected events—medical emergencies, mechanical failures with floats or vehicles, etc.  Team members will be at a fixed location with minimal walking.  Good to bring a chair for the event.

  • Time Commitment:  Approx. 4 hours, 0800 - 1200.  All Team Members are present for the briefing and then stay for the duration of the parade.  Once the parade is finished, team members disperse and return home.

  • Location:  At various locations in downtown Lakeside.

  • Click on green button to volunteer via email.   

  • Equipment Requirements: Event is HT friendly.

  • Event Website: