Southwestern REACT ‚Äčof San Diego County Inc.

Silver Strand Half Marathon

  • Purpose: To ensure a safe running/walking event and to provide communications in support of the aid stations and the approx. 1400 participants.  There are multiple events with a 5K, 10 mile and 13.1 mile distances.

  • Duties:  Team members are primarily at fixed locations along the event route, co-located with the aid/water stations along the way.  Team member observe for the well-being of the participants, notify control when EMS is needed, assist with the monitoring and transfer of water, food, etc. between aid stations and track the last participants.  One or two members may participate as bicycle rovers along the entire course.

  • Time Commitment: 0600-1145 (5.75 hours) Briefing at 0600 at the Coronado Library and then deployment to station locations.  Event concludes around noon at Silver Strand State Beach.  The aid stations closer to the start may close after 2-3 hours or after all the runners have passed by.  Depending on assignment, event may last 3-5 hours or more.

  • Click on green button to volunteer via email.     

  • Location:  Assignments may stretch along the Silver Strand from Sunset Park in Coronado to Imperial Beach.

  • Equipment Requirements: Event is HT friendly except for certain locations. Southwestern REACT hopes to rectify that situation by utilizing a different repeater for future events.

  • Event Website: